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This section includes the general and legal responsibilities of TÜRKENDEKS and You (“User” or “You”) (paid or unpaid).
TURKENDEKS memberships are for 1 year (365 days).
Before using the TÜRKENDEKS website, carefully read the terms of use of the services of the TÜRKENDEKS website and the TÜRKENDEKS Privacy Policy below. If you do not accept these terms of use, do not use the TÜRKENDEKS website for any purpose.
This agreement is between the user of the TÜRKENDEKS website called "You" or "User" and TÜRKENDEKS FİNANSAL Değerleme ve grading HİZMETLERİ LTD., the owner of "TÜRKENDEKS". ŞTİ. It is established between .
This contract covers the following services provided by TÜRKENDEKS.
Unless otherwise agreed in writing between the parties, the contract between you and TÜRKENDEKS will include the terms and conditions specified in this document.
From the moment you start using “TÜRKENDEKS Services”, you understand and accept the terms and conditions specified in this document.
“TÜRKENDEKS Services” is a commercial service that provides commercial data compiled, processed and organized by the methods managed and used by Us, together with other relevant information and services.
The majority of the “TÜRKENDEKS Services” are not available to users who register without paying a fee, but can be used by You or users who pay a fee. By becoming a member or registering for paid or membership-requiring “TÜRKENDEKS Services”, you accept and approve these Terms of Use and TÜRKENDEKS Privacy Policy (agreement).
TÜRKENDEKS may stop providing the “TÜRKENDEKS Services” (any feature within the scope of the “TÜRKENDEKS Services”) permanently or temporarily to You or users in general, at its sole discretion and without prior notice. On the other hand, the User may stop using the “TÜRKENDEKS Services” at any time without specific notice.
You acknowledge and agree that if TÜRKENDEKS blocks access to your account, your access and use of services or other content offered by TÜRKENDEKS will be blocked.
TÜRKENDEKS reserves the right to change or remove the “TÜRKENDEKS Services” in terms of form and content without prior notice. TURKENDEKS may unilaterally impose restrictions on the services it provides.
TÜRKENDEKS Services cannot be used by any person or organization that is a competitor of TÜRKENDEKS or engages in similar activities or offers products or services to third parties in any way.

The risk regarding the use of the services offered through the TÜRKENDEKS website belongs to the users/you.
You agree to use TÜRKENDEKS services only for the purposes and within the legal framework permitted by the terms of this agreement and the practices or rules adopted in the laws, regulations, circulars or other legal legislation applied in the relevant legal fields.
You agree not to reproduce, copy, sell, trade in any way, market, distribute, publish, transfer, resell or automatically download the “TÜRKENDEKS Services”, products and information for any purpose.
TÜRKENDEKS provides you/the User with a personal and non-transferable right of use that allows you to access and use the relevant services within the framework of the provisions of this agreement for intra-institutional/organizational use only, as long as you have a valid membership to its services. Neither you nor the User may assign, transfer, sell, or otherwise dispose of the usage rights provided by this agreement to anyone else, except for company/in-house use, and in particular, the User may not allow anyone else to use the said usage right to benefit from TÜRKENDEKS Services.
User and Member are responsible for answering all questions asked by "TÜRKENDEKS" correctly. In order to access some "TÜRKENDEKS Services", you may have to provide some information about yourself (such as identity or contact details) as part of the registration process or your continued use of the "TÜRKENDEKS Services". You agree that the registration information you provide to TÜRKENDEKS will always be complete, accurate and up-to-date.
You agree not to take any action that will interfere with or disrupt the services offered by TÜRKENDEKS and the servers and networks to which these services are connected.
Using “TÜRKENDEKS Services” for spamming or illegal unsolicited marketing purposes is strictly prohibited.
You agree that you are solely responsible for the violation of your responsibilities under this text and the consequences thereof, including the losses and damages that TÜRKENDEKS may incur, and that TÜRKENDEKS is not responsible neither to you nor to third parties regarding the violations.
“TÜRKENDEKS Services” are provided “as is” and TÜRKENDEKS does not provide any warranty regarding these Services.
TÜRKENDEKS assumes no responsibility for ensuring that the software of its websites is free of any errors and whether the site contains any viruses. If any damage occurs to the software and hardware elements you use due to any software on the sites in question, TÜRKENDEKS does not bear any responsibility in this regard.
All risks related to the internet connections on this site belong to the user.
TÜRKENDEKS has the right to use all information related to your membership information for its own marketing activities.
The user cannot use TÜRKENDEKS services for any malicious purpose.

Users who want to use the paid part of TÜRKENDEKS Services are required to pay a non-refundable fee, the amount of which is determined by TÜRKENDEKS from time to time.
Regardless of credit card, money transfer or payment method, there is no refund or cancellation of Annual TÜRKENDEKS Membership Service Sales (orders placed) paid for.
The User's credit card information may be requested to provide a credit card payment option to access TÜRKENDEKS Services. Like other similar communication systems, there is a risk of technical surveillance when sending information over the internet. Although TÜRKENDEKS takes all normal precautions to minimize technical monitoring, the User is responsible for the risk of the information sent in this way and TÜRKENDEKS does not bear any responsibility for the security of the transfer of such information.
In order to access TÜRKENDEKS Services, the User complies with the additional terms of use published by TÜRKENDEKS from time to time.
The User cannot allow unauthorized third parties to access TÜRKENDEKS Services through the User and must comply with the security-related instructions published on the site. In order to access services that require paid membership, the User uses the username and passwords given or approved by TÜRKENDEKS. The user is responsible for taking the necessary security measures to ensure the security of the username and password given or approved by TÜRKENDEKS and cannot show/make others use the username and password in question.
You accept and understand that it is your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your username and passwords that you use to access the “TÜRKENDEKS Services”.
In this context, you agree that you will be solely responsible to TÜRKENDEKS for all activities carried out through your username and password.
You agree to notify TÜRKENDEKS without delay as soon as you notice that your password or account has been used without permission.
You understand and agree that you will use the data you access on TÜRKENDEKS through your username and password within the framework of the TÜRKENDEKS Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.
Annual usage right is allocated annually and cannot be transferred to the next year.

You acknowledge and agree that TÜRKENDEKS owns all legal rights, legal ownership and profits over the “TÜRKENDEKS Services”, including all intellectual property rights existing within the scope of the “TÜRKENDEKS Services” (regardless of whether these rights are registered or not and where in the world they exist). . In addition, TÜRKENDEKS Services may contain information declared confidential by TÜRKENDEKS, and the User cannot disclose or share this information with third parties without the prior written consent of TÜRKENDEKS.
Unless you have made a written agreement to the contrary with TÜRKENDEKS, nothing in these Terms of Use gives you the right to use TÜRKENDEKS's trade name, trademark, service mark, logo, domain name and other identifying brand features.
The User acknowledges that he/she does not acquire any rights over the TÜRKENDEKS Services or the data compiled by the User using the TÜRKENDEKS Services. The User may not change or remove any copyright symbol or other identifying brand features or information belonging to TÜRKENDEKS.
Neither the User nor You may change, modify or adapt any part of the TÜRKENDEKS Services and may not use any software or techniques to access the TÜRKENDEKS Services without permission or use any software that may damage the TÜRKENDEKS Services. The User is strictly prohibited from using any hacking method or technique while benefiting/using TÜRKENDEKS Services.
All rights of all texts, graphics and pictures contained in the content of TÜRKENDEKS's website belong to TÜRKENDEKS. In addition, copying or using the software used in the design of the site and creation of the database is strictly prohibited.
All rights to the software and designs on the TÜRKENDEKS website belong to TÜRKENDEKS.
Some internet services of TÜRKENDEKS are supported by advertising revenues and these "TÜRKENDEKS Services" may include advertisements and promotions. These advertisements may target the content of the information contained in the "TURKENDEKS Services", the questions asked through the "TURKENDEKS Services" and other information.
You understand and accept that TÜRKENDEKS may place such advertisements in the "TÜRKENDEKS Services" it offers.
The scope, content, form and other features of the advertisement made on "TÜRKENDEKS Services" may be changed without prior notice to you.
The advertisements are complete and accurate; Any changes to be made by TÜRKENDEKS in the "TÜRKENDEKS Services" it offers or any permanent or temporary suspension of the provision of "TÜRKENDEKS Services"; Deletion, corruption or inability to store data protected or transmitted as a result of or through your use of "TÜRKENDEKS Services"; Failure to provide TÜRKENDEKS with correct username and password information; TÜRKENDEKS will not be liable to you if you fail to keep your password or username information secure and confidential.
The limitations on TÜRKENDEKS's liability set out above shall apply regardless of whether TÜRKENDEKS has been informed or should have been aware of the possibility of such damages.
TÜRKENDEKS cannot be held responsible for the content of the advertisement-contact information provided by companies, institutions or individuals on the website. Individuals or institutions that place advertisements on TÜRKENDEKS websites are solely responsible for all information contained in the advertisement.
Users' efforts to change other postings and efforts that may threaten the general security of the site; Activities that may prevent the software used on the site from working; Actions and activities to prevent the operation of TÜRKENDEKS sites through viruses are strictly prohibited.

TÜRKENDEKS may make changes to the Terms of Use from time to time. When these changes are made, TÜRKENDEKS will make a new copy of the terms of use available on its website. By entering the TÜRKENDEKS website, you will be agreeing to the terms that are valid at that time, so you should check the terms in question each time.
If you use “TÜRKENDEKS” after the date on which the Terms of Use changed, you understand and agree that TÜRKENDEKS will consider your use as acceptance of the renewed terms of use.
If the User is not of legal age to enter into a binding contract with TÜRKENDEKS, the User cannot use TÜRKENDEKS Services and cannot accept the Terms of Use.
“TÜRKENDEKS Services” may provide links to other websites, content or resources. The User accepts in advance that TÜRKENDEKS is not responsible for the usability of such external sites or resources and does not approve any advertising, content, product, information or other items found on such websites, links or resources.
The User shall be liable to TÜRKENDEKS from any loss or damage he may incur due to the existence of these external sites or resources or his reliance on the integrity, accuracy and availability of any advertisements, products, information or other materials on or accessible from these websites or resources. He accepts that he is not responsible.
The records of companies that request the deletion of their information from companies whose information is included in our database are deleted if they notify their requests by e-mail to
In disputes that may arise from the use of TÜRKENDEKS websites and the information in their content, the Turkish Legal Notice, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy texts will be taken as basis, and Ankara - Turkey courts and enforcement offices are authorized. Transactions will also be carried out from Ankara-Turkey. Additionally, agreements cannot be reached through third parties.
Failure of TÜRKENDEKS to enforce or implement any legal right or solution contained in the terms of use does not mean that TÜRKENDEKS has officially waived its rights, and these rights or solutions continue to be valid for TÜRKENDEKS.
If any court having jurisdiction to decide on this matter decides that any provision in the Terms of Use is invalid, that provision will be severed from the Terms of Use without affecting the other provisions in the Terms of Use. The remaining provisions of the Terms of Use will remain valid and enforceable.
TÜRKENDEKS Services cannot be used by any person or organization that is a competitor of TÜRKENDEKS or engages in similar activities to TÜRKENDEKS and offers products and services to third parties in any way.