Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade

It is responsible for determining foreign trade legislation, carrying out studies on determining foreign trade policies, determining the procedures and principles of export and import, regulating bilateral and multilateral commercial relations, as well as carrying out standard controls, providing service to business circles through foreign organizations, and similar duties.


Foreign Representatives of the Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade

Support can be obtained from the Foreign Representatives of the Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade on issues such as foreign trade legislation of the country where the representative office is located, market information, importer addresses, solution of problems on country and company basis, examination of company reliability, country and sector reports, foreign demands, company matching.


Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM)

TİM, the top organization of the private sector side of Türkiye's exports; It represents all exporters on behalf of the private sector, 61 Exporters' Associations operating today, 13 General Secretariats serving the Exporters' Associations, and all export items as the Executive Committee has a balanced weight on an item basis. Turkish Exporters Assembly; It has undertaken to seek solutions to the common problems of exporters, to be a platform where exporters' problems are discussed, to ensure coordination between the public and its institutions and exporters, to create policies to develop exports and solve their problems, and to represent exporters at a high level at home and abroad.


Exporters' Associations

It carries out the duties assigned by the Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade to increase exports by organizing exporters, to regulate the professional activities and relations of exporters, to compile all kinds of information that our exporters will need regarding target countries, importer and distributor addresses and make them available to exporters.


Treasury Undersecretary

It determines the procedures and principles of determining the payment methods in exports and imports, monitoring and finalizing the transactions regarding the collection or payment of the price of goods in accordance with the foreign exchange legislation.


Export Development Study Center

It is the first and only public institution established for the main purpose of developing Turkey's exports and providing them with a healthy structure.


Undersecretariat of Customs

In accordance with the provisions of foreign trade legislation, it ensures the implementation of customs legislation regulating exit and entry procedures. To the exporter in customs procedures; Approved Person Status Certificate, which provides advantages and conveniences such as under-declaration, deferred control, partial guarantee, lump sum guarantee applications, is obtained from the relevant Chief Directorate of Customs and Enforcement affiliated with the Undersecretariat of Customs.


Agricultural Quarantine Organization, Veterinary Directorates and Provincial Directorates of Agriculture

They issue health certificates for the export of agricultural products, animals and animal products originating from our country.


Chambers of Commerce, Chambers of Industry, Chambers of Commerce and Industry

They are authorized organizations for the issuance and approval of international documents used in Foreign Trade.


Banks and Private Financial Institutions

In foreign trade transactions, they act as intermediaries in the communication of documents and payments between buyers and sellers. They are assisting organizations in bringing and exchanging export proceeds within the scope of foreign exchange legislation.


IKV (Economic Development Foundation)

It answers companies' questions regarding the functioning of the Customs Union and provides solutions to their problems. It identifies the specific consequences that Turkish companies face in their exports to EU countries and ensures that these problems are discussed in the "Turkey-EU Customs Union Joint Committee" meetings. In the "Information Network Project", which provides training on relevant subjects to the units that provide regular information flow to companies in the EU, Single Market and Customs Union areas, the personnel in the distribution units that will deliver information to small and medium-sized companies are trained in the EU and Customs Union area through domestic and international training programs. is carried out.


KOSGEB (Small and Medium Scale Industry Development and Support Presidency)

Fund and/or capital management, patent, utility model, industrial design support, common use machinery-equipment support, qualified personnel employment support, foreign consultant support program, information networks and e-business support, technology research and development support, computer software It is a public institution affiliated with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, which provides support of great importance, such as international business trip participation support for export purposes, participation support in fairs, entrepreneur support, and education support.


TOBB (Union of Turkish Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Maritime Commerce and Stock Exchanges)

In addition to its basic duties, the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey carries out the following activities for its private sector members.

  • Meets TIR Carnet and transit document requests,
  • ATA Carnet is issued,
  • EAN runs the barcode system,
  • It prints the Certificate of Origin and the Movement Certificate,
  • Prepares the Capacity Report,
  • It publishes the Trade Registry Gazette,
  • Assists in disputes arising between Turkish and foreign companies,


DEİK (Foreign Economic Relations Board-Business Councils)

In order to contribute to the integration of the Turkish economy with the world economy, it evaluates new market opportunities, especially in industrial cooperation, expansion of foreign trade and economic relations network, and opening of service sectors abroad. DEİK operates through bilateral Business Councils.

Duties of Business Councils

The Council is established to develop economic and commercial relations with the country. For this purpose, DEIK cooperates with a counterpart organization that represents the business world in the country in question. In addition, Turkish and foreign business circles are provided with information through Turkish and English bulletins published periodically by DEIK.


TOSYÖV (Turkish Medium-Sized Enterprises Self-Employed Professionals and Managers Foundation)

TOSYÖV provides information flow for SMEs with its own units and professional consultants. With the "Entrepreneurship Training Seminar" and "Entrepreneurship Days" included in the training activities, SMEs are provided with information on many subjects such as foreign capital, foreign partners and foreign markets. In line with the demands of companies, it organizes seminar programs on "Training Foreign Trade Personnel", "Informing Foreign Trade Managers", "The Perspective of the World and Especially the EU on Turkey" and "Marketing, Not Exports Anymore".


TÜRK EXİMBANK (Türkiye Export Credit Bank)

The main purpose of Türk Eximbank is; developing exports, diversifying exported goods and services, providing new markets for exported goods, increasing the shares of exporters in international trade and providing the necessary support in their initiatives, providing exporters and contractors and investors operating abroad with competitive power and assurance in international markets, exports through investments abroad. It is to support and encourage the production and sale of goods for its purpose.