FTR Endeks

FTR (Foreing Trade Report) Endeks

What is FTR (Foreing Trade Report) Index?

FTR (Foreing Trade Report) Index is a Foreign Trade Report that serves as a guide for companies producing goods and services domestically to sell their products abroad. This report, prepared according to the commercial definition, will provide opportunities that can help a company establish a market where it can sell its products abroad.


FTR (Foreing Trade Report) Index Requirement

A company that wants to export needs to establish a new department, perfect the products to be sold, minimize logistics costs, and have customers abroad to whom it can market its products.

Thanks to FTR Index, all this will no longer be a long and arduous process. FTR Index is an aid that can support companies in performing rapid operations in their R&D and marketing processes, without having to spend extra money, time and energy by doing a lot of research on the internet or in the market.


FTR (Foreing Trade Report) Index Purpose

Many companies in Turkey put their products on the market, and many of these products have export product potential. Companies that are unaware of this potential focus only on their domestic markets and spend all their energy on this. In this way, they think that they are trading in a safer and risk-free way and cannot grow. However, when they change their perspective, they will realize that this situation is actually riskier. In such cases, FTR Index opens an export window to companies and can offer various trade opportunities. On the other hand, when we consider the companies that are currently exporting, it is not difficult to see that they generally export to the same countries, to the same customers and with certain, limited capacities. FTR Index will be a turning point with its structure that removes borders and offers companies opportunities to find different buyers in different countries.


Innovative Aspect

Export reports that can currently be obtained in the market consist of reports on how the export will take place, what kind of documents are needed, or a list of importers.

However, FTR (Foreing Trade Report) Index is much more comprehensive than this information, in addition to performance axis buyer and seller analyses, much more difficult to find sales and analysis such as currency analysis, smart commercial definition classification analysis, tonnage analysis, periodic sales and delivery type analyses. Contains performance-oriented information.

Moreover, a user can use FTR Index both as a manufacturer to diversify his production and find different buyers, and as an entrepreneur to establish a strong supply chain. From this perspective, a much stronger market can be reached with established supply chains.


R&D Quality

Considering the socio-economic situation of our country, FTR (Foreing Trade Report) Index, which has the potential to be positioned at a point such as the center of activities that will directly support the development and promotion of exports, provides the customer portfolio, product definition determination, tonnage and It includes modules such as delivery type analysis.

In order to create these modules, within the scope of R&D studies, the countries with which Turkey has import and export relations, the climatic, demographic, geographical and technological characteristics of these countries, the structure, differences, products produced, production potentials and relations between exporting companies and companies with the potential to do so are examined. Their relationships should be determined through internet and field research.

After the internet and field research data are produced, it is necessary to develop an application using artificial intelligence to index them, collect the indexed data in a database, process it in this database and turn it into analyzes and then into modules. The modules created with this application are converted into planned and purpose-serving documents and offered to exporters under the name of FTR Index, which is the final product of the project.


Use of Artificial Intelligence

Targeted Customer Audience Determination Algorithm

It is aimed to direct the user to the potential customer portfolio in the most efficient way, as a result of the classification and identification of countries that are similar in terms of climate, geography, sociological and demographic characteristics as well as consumption trends, in the perspective of preferred commercial definitions of the products determined for export, thus saving time and expenses.

Product to be Exported Commercial Description Priority Algorithm

In the light of the data obtained from the customer base determination algorithm, it is aimed to determine the commercial definition for the needs and tastes of the consumers that the companies appeal to, and to support the development of the product structure or technology in this direction.

Algorithm for Determining the Price of the Product to be Offered to the Foreign Market

The product that companies will export;

To which countries and in which currencies it was sold,

Unit prices with the help of tonnage analysis and seller performance analysis,

Logistics costs with delivery type analysis

It is aimed to contribute to the determination of the price of the product by formulating the three values found as a result of the determination.

Periodic Price Algorithm with Periodic Sales Analysis

It is aimed to enable the creation of a long-term strategy by revealing the variability of prices in different periods with the help of periodic sales analysis of the product, the price of which is approximately determined.

Algorithm for Recommending the Most Suitable Importers

By analyzing the imports from Turkey, it is aimed to examine the sales of products that are close to the exporter's trade area and have similar product descriptions and to estimate and recommend the most suitable importers.

Exporter Web Search Engine

With this artificial intelligence-supported application, users can create their own customer portfolio by performing result-oriented searches on specific keywords and collecting the most up-to-date data on the web.